Market, Gemena city, DRC

Working Paper

Traditional Supernatural Beliefs and Prosocial Behavior, with S. Lowes, and N. Nunn 2022.

Ancestral Livelihoods and Moral Universalism: Evidence from Transhumant Pastoralist Societies, with S. Lowes 2022. [Voxeu Column]

Fallow Lengths and the Structure of Property Rights, with S. Lowes, and E. Montero 2022.

Modernization Without Development: The Legacies of the First Republic of Liberia, 2021.

Land Rights Insecurity and Effort Decisions: Evidence from Farmer-Herder Conflicts in Niger, 2021.

Work In Progress

Education and the Cry Freedom: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with S. Michalopoulos, and E. Papaioannou) 2021.

Colonial Concessions in Africa, with G. Chiovelli, S. Michalopoulos, and E. Papaioannou 2021.

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